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Venture Giant

Venture Giant is a leading angel investment and business networking organisation based in London, UK. It connects entrepreneurs looking for investment with angel investors looking for opportunities to invest.

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Venture Giant

Sourcing finance for a new venture is not as easy as it sounds. With most banks and institutional venture capitalists becoming more demanding, especially after the recent global economic meltdown, it has become harder for new ventures to find the capital that they require. Venture Giant is an excellent place for such entrepreneurs to meet investors who are eager to fund new and innovative projects.

What is Venture Giant?

Venture Giant is a leading online solution that serves both business investors and entrepreneurs. They bring together entrepreneurs who are seeking investment for their upcoming ventures or funding for a small or medium business which is already established with investors who are seeking to make investments in a new business.

Venture Giant is based in London and has affiliations and networks in many countries. The network of investors and entrepreneurs associated with Venture Giant, is expanding speedily and today they have a presence in several counties all over the world.

The group is known to provide streamline and efficient services to both entrepreneurs and investors at very minimal rates. For entrepreneurs who are ready to receive funding at the early stages of their business' lifecycle, the exposure provided by Venture Giant can be very beneficial. Venture Giant has access to private investors as well as investors' consortiums like 3i.

For those who already have their ideas planned, Venture Giant can be the perfect place to start looking for funding. This can cut down time and costs involved in looking for investors offline. There are several services that Venture Giant can provide to both investors and entrepreneurs, besides getting them in touch with each other.

Advantages of Venture Giant

The founders of Venture Giant have themselves been on either side of the funding equation, therefore carrying the experiences of both the investors and the entrepreneurs. This makes them more empathetic to the needs of the two groups. This also helps them refine their services to address these needs in a better manner. Some of the advantages for choosing Venture Giant over others are:

There is a higher visibility amongst investors, which means that the entrepreneurs who approach investors through Virtual Giant, have better chances of receiving funding for their proposals. Unlike many other online solutions, Venture Giant offers personalized services to both the investors and entrepreneurs, thus setting themselves apart from hundreds of such other resources. Venture Giant allows the investors enrolled with them to collaborate with other enrolled investors, therefore increasing the potential for making larger and more significant investments.

For all these services, Venture Giant does not charge a hefty fee. Usually most online resources expect a finder's fee for putting entrepreneurs in touch with the investors. They charge fee from both the parties. However, Venture Giant has a different strategy. They do not charge a finder's fee, and neither do they request any percentage of the capital that they help raise. The entire business model of Venture Giant is based on 'pay - on - performance'. This means that Venture Giant only charges the one off fee if they are able to locate the potential investor or the potential entrepreneur. The fee is only charged when the investor and the entrepreneur are introduced to each other. The party can request a refund if the deal doesn't go through. There are separate charging and refund policy of the group that can be easily accessed from their website.

Services for Entrepreneurs

Venture Giant is a network of angel investors that can connect serious entrepreneurs to investors who are looking for good ideas to invest their money in. This kind of an environment is ideal for start up companies who are looking for seed money to start the venture. Venture Giant has a 52% contact rate, higher than any other similar online solution. Since investors are often choosy about the kind of projects they finance, only one in ten proposals ever gets past them. However with the help of Venture Giant's value added services, entrepreneurs can work on their presentations and improve their investment prospectuses to make their ideas more lucrative to the investors. Venture Giant also allows entrepreneurs to make appealing visual presentations including videos that can be sent to a database of angel investors who can then go through it and make direct contact with the entrepreneur. The one off fee that the website charges, covers 6 months of listing of the project.

Services for Investors

Venture Giant is one of the few online ventures that offer a bouquet of services to investors as well. There are a wide variety of services for investors that offer a pool of business proposals and investment options that an investor can choose from. These proposals can range from high growth potential start ups that require seed money, to already established profitable ventures that are now looking for opportunities of growth.

Investors who use the services of Venture Giant can also have access to notifications that can be adjusted and filtered according to preferences. An investor's account is easy to set up and allows investors access to business proposals in areas that are specified by the investors. They get a free email service that can keep them up to date with all the latest investment opportunities for the businesses. These opportunities can be fine tuned to meet the exact criteria that you have set for them. Venture Giant also offers investors opportunities to pool their resources with other interested investors. At Venture Giant, investors also get opportunities to mentor entrepreneurs.

You can choose from amongst companies that require early stage investment, those that need capital for expansion and growth, those that need capital for research and development and finally, those that need overall funding.
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