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Venture Giant

Venture Giant is a leading angel investment and business networking organisation based in London, UK. It connects entrepreneurs looking for investment with angel investors looking for opportunities to invest.

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Investment Growth

The current business scenario has undergone a sea of change. The markets have opened up to a global audience and opportunities as well as avenues have increased manifold. With the advent of web based communication, business processes have really become simple. Whether it's fund raising or investment growth we are looking at, there are plenty of options at hand. Extensive collaboration and communication has really made the difference. With the internet bringing an ocean of information at our doorstep, finding ways for growth in investments and accumulating funds for enterprises has become easy. Networking and online community building exercises have provided the much needed impetus to leverage the universal accessibility of the World Wide Web and use it for profitable objectives like investment growth and business expansion.

The online angel investment networks have been gaining immense popularity in the business circuit, especially in countries like the United Kingdom. They work on the basic principle of networking which brings investors and entrepreneurs on the same platform. By providing access to a diversified investment forum, these angel investment networks work towards investment growth and generate capital inflow for business enterprises. They normally incorporate a huge database of investors who can access all kinds of business proposals, and select those which might result in investment growth. They provide a wide range of options to choose from, which covers almost all industry segments and locations.

Venture Giant is one such angel investment network which provides investment growth opportunities. It is extremely popular with business investors for its diverse investment portfolio which leads to growth in investment. Venture Giant is equally popular with angel investors and venture capitalists alike. Venture Giant provides streamlined cost effective services to investors and entrepreneurs alike, through its ever expanding network of high net worth individuals and innovative business ventures.

Venture Giant is unique in the fact that, you can actually become a part of its illustrious network for free; there are no registration charges at the outset. With a decade long experience in providing investment growth opportunities, Venture Giant works on a pay-for performance model. You only need to pay one time fee of £99, when an investor views your proposal for the first time and this is a standard charge to be paid for all contacts. Some other investment networks like the "angelinvestmentnetwork", provides for some added facilities for a premium fee which could be beneficial in investment growth. For a premium membership you can upload your proposal along with your contact details and can also contact your prospective investor, who has viewed your proposal and is considering it as an option for investment growth. Your proposal can even be uploaded on the home page of the network for greater exposure.

Investors are also allowed to collaborate amongst themselves in order to form a syndicate or pool. Sometimes it becomes easier for a pool of investors to strike a profitable deal and avail excellent investment growth opportunities. Investor syndicates also prove to be beneficial for entrepreneurs in as much as they can provide for the required funds on terms and conditions which are less stringent. Secondly, when a group of investors' team up for investment growth opportunities, they all work as a group and decisions are taken collectively. Therefore, their associations with firms which are likely to provide investment growth are generally long term, since pulling out from the venture would require a majority approval.

Venture Giant is utilized by both Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists for accessing opportunities which would lead to investment growth. However the way in which they look at opportunities of investment growth are different. The difference lies in the fact that angel investors generally use their own money and resources to maximize investment growth. They generally look at investing in small business ventures in the locality which are easy to manage and monitor, and provide substantial investment growth . Angel investors are not capable of huge investments; still they can easily provide funding up to millions of dollars. Venture capitalists generally look at higher investment growth. They invest amounts accumulated from a pool of investors and look for a profitable scope for magnanimous growth in investments which would benefit all investors under them. Naturally, they have substantially higher reserves at their disposal and they invest in segments like construction etc which provides substantial investment growth in return for huge capital investments.

Apart from investment growth opportunities, venture capitalists also look at equity shares in return for their investments in a particular firm. They function on a stringent set of rules and regulations which might not be all that conducive for entrepreneurs. Angel investors only aim at investment growth opportunities and do not exchange funds for equity shares. Angel investors often play the crucial role of bridging the gap between the existing funds with the entrepreneur and the venture capital provided. It works as a viable option for businessmen who would require further cash flow over and above venture capital funding.

Venture giant provides investment growth opportunities to angel investors and venture capitalists and is also one of the few online angel investment networks which have a refund policy in place. Since the services offered are intangible, these investment networks do not entertain refunds once the order is successfully completed. However, Venture Giant is different. Both for fund raisers and investors seeking investment growth opportunities, refunds are entertained in special cases. In case you are unable to contact any of the targeted group of investors or entrepreneurs either through phone calls, emails or by post; then the money invested in purchasing these contacts will be refunded.
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